Friday, July 30, 2010

UBS art showing @ La Verne

 Saul McCoy (local artist out of La Verne)

Last night I stopped by Utility Board Shop in La Verne, Ca to check out an art showing my older brother was in.  When i showed up there was a DJ, some food, and a pretty good turnout.  Overall the function was pretty dope and I got some pictures of some pretty talented artists.  Here are some works from the showing that really stood out for me.

Thomas Diaz, local artist from Chino, Ca, had some pretty impressive drawings up... very talented artist who has a lot of potential

There was also a very talented photographer in the bunch who has only been  shooting for a few months.  Still  young, Sage Nigh seems to be be a natural.  Here are just a few of her photos.


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